Cheech & Chong Tour 2013

Take a seat and toke ‘em up, cause Cheech & Chong are still around and preaching the gospel according to ganja. The iconic comedy duo have announced a brand-new round of summer tour dates, booking several California and southern shows in celebration of “the legalization of our right to party all night long,” says Tommy Chong. The pair will be joined by WAR and Tower of Power for their seven-date run, which begins in May and includes one June (in Grand Prairie, TX, on the first) and one August (in Atlanta, GA, on the 23rd) concert.

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After 40+ years of comedy albums and cult movies, it’s unlikely Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong will find themselves at a loss for material on their upcoming (what else?) “Up In Smoke” concert series. Their tour’s title is in fact a nod to their very first feature film of the same name, released in 1978. Up In Smoke developed such a following that two sequels, 1980′s Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie and 1981′s Nice Dreams, were subsequently, quickly released. Although their act went on hiatus in the mid-80′s, Cheech & Chong reconnected in the early 00′s and have been going strong ever since. Tickets to their latest venture are on sale now, so don’t forget to scroll through our list of discount deals below!

Cheech & Chong Concert Tickets

Cheech & Chong Concerts

Date City State Venue
5/17/2013 Porterville CA Eagle Mountain Casino
5/18/2013 Porterville CA Eagle Mountain Casino
5/2/2013 Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre
5/26/2013 Tucson AZ AVA Amphitheater
5/31/2013 Austin TX Moody Theater
6/1/2013 Grand Prairie TX Verizon Theatre
8/23/2013 Atlanta GA Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Cheech & Chong Past Setlist

Track Song
1 Shelby Chong introduction 
2 Pot is Good For You 
3 Acid 
4 Been Busted 
5 Oysters 
6 Q & A 
7 First Album 
8 Dave 
9 Bitch 
10 Tribute to Christmas 
11 Has The Dope Kicked In Yet? 
12 New Movie 
13 Let’s Make a Dope Deal 
14 Harry Palms 
15 Meet & Greet 
16 Basketball Jones 
17 Me & My Old Lady 
18 Save The Whales 
19 Does Your Mama Know About Me 
20 Calgary First Times 
21 Pot Angel 
22 Cousin Red 
23 Blind Melon Chitlin’ 
24 Down Home Blues 
25 Earache My Eye 
26 The Bible 
27 Sweat Lodge 
28 Born in East L.A. 
29 Hitchhiking 
30 Mexican Americans/Beaners 
31 Get It Legal 
32 outro 

Cheech & Chong Videos

Cheech & Chong: Best of Cheech & Chong

Cheech & Chong: “Born in East LA”

Cheech & Chong: “Dog Shit