Garth Brooks Tour

Update: Garth has just announced he and his band will perform two gigs in Ireland this July. His statement read: “Before we go back on tour in the fall of 2014, I want to challenge myself, the band and the crew.” AKA he is most definitely touring this fall. Start shining your cowboy boots now!

Garth Brooks, one of the most successful musicians we’ve ever seen, has announced that he is returning to life on the road with a new world tour planned for 2014. After retiring 13 years ago from touring and recording to spend more time with his family, Brooks recently released a new box set featuring covers of the music that has influenced him over the years. Rumors have been swirling about a tour following the album given the pending graduation of his youngest daughter; seeing as how family was his biggest influence to step back from the business, devoted fans of the Country Music Hall of Fame inductee were hoping a empty nest would encourage him to return to the road.

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Even though he hasn’t been on the road for over a decade, the Garth Brooks world tour won’t show any signs of stage rust. For three years, Brooks performed regularly on the weekends at the Encore Theater attached to one of the Las Vegas hotels owned by Steve Wynn. His last show was recently broadcast on CBS as a rare free TV event, and he is maintaining a relationship with Wynn for future return shows, including four this January. In addition, he has performed a few larger benefit concerts at the arenas and stadiums he used to sell out on a regular basis. Garth Brooks’s return to touring won’t leave his family in the rear-view mirror, either, as he will be joined at his shows by wife – and respected musician in her own right – Trisha Yearwood. Just as he left, Brooks is returning to touring on his own terms, and fans couldn’t be happier to have another chance to catch this living legend out on the road, playing his classics and sharing the work of others who have helped him make the artist who has entertained so many for so many years.

Garth Brooks Concert Tickets & Tour Dates

Garth Brooks Concerts

Date Time City State/Country Venue
1/3 7:30p Las Vegas NV Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas
1/3 10:30p Las Vegas NV Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas
1/4 7:30p Las Vegas NV Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas
1/4 10:30p Las Vegas NV Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas

Garth Brooks Ticket Prices

If you’d like to go see Garth Brooks live at the Encore Theater, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny. Currently, the lowest price for his January 3, 7:30pm performance, is $606. This is only a few hundo more than his 10:30pm performance later that evening, which has a low price of $445. Apparently, Las Vegas-goers can’t hang. His January 4, 7:30pm performance has a low price of $450, and the later show has tickets as *cheap* as $498. While at the low end compared to the other current tickets for sale, the average ticket price of Garth Brooks’ 2012 Vegas residency sold at an average ticket price of $469 on the secondary market. If 2014 tickets continue to climb, they will far exceed the historical average.

Historical Garth Brooks Ticket Prices

City State Date Price
Las Vegas NV 1/1/12 $375.00
Las Vegas NV 1/2/12 $750.00
Las Vegas NV 1/3/12 $500.00
Las Vegas NV 1/5/12 $404.00
Las Vegas NV 1/6/12 $250.00
Las Vegas NV 1/7/12 $475.00
Las Vegas NV 1/8/12 $184.00
Las Vegas NV 1/9/12 $685.00
Las Vegas NV 1/10/12 $350.00
Las Vegas NV 1/11/12 $543.00
Las Vegas NV 1/12/12 $411.00
Las Vegas NV 1/13/12 $534.00
Las Vegas NV 1/14/12 $372.00
Las Vegas NV 1/15/12 $572.00
Las Vegas NV 1/19/12 $634.50
Las Vegas NV 1/21/12 $695.00
Las Vegas NV 1/22/12 $695.00
Las Vegas NV 1/23/12 $550.00
Las Vegas NV 1/24/12 $335.71
Las Vegas NV 1/25/12 $350.00
Las Vegas NV 1/26/12 $495.00
Las Vegas NV 1/27/12 $472.50
Las Vegas NV 1/28/12 $500.00
Las Vegas NV 1/30/12 $515.50
Las Vegas NV 1/31/12 $557.00
Las Vegas NV 2/1/12 $400.00
Las Vegas NV 2/3/12 $250.00
Las Vegas NV 2/4/12 $475.00
Las Vegas NV 2/6/12 $247.00

Garth Brooks Video for “Night Moves”