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Note: UFC often brings down Youtube videos, but I will do my best to keep the Kongo Barry Knockout video updated and working.

Just prior to midnight last night I was jumping around my apartment yelling. Dirk hadn’t hit a patented game winner. Nadal wasn’t ripping up the grass at Wimbledon.

cheick kongo ufc fighter

It wasn’t even a Lyoto Machida front-kick. It was for UFC though, but it was from Cheick Kongo knocking out Pat Barry. Yes that’s right, the Kongo Barry undercard, turned last minute main event exceeded, it’s expectations by some indescribable number approaching infinity. At 2:48 seconds of the very first round, Pat Barry knocked out Cheick Kongo; except for

One minor thing – he didn’t actually knock him out. Oh and then 10 seconds later he “knocked him out again”, but again he didn’t actually knock him out. It sounds like I am just being playful with words, but watch the Kongo Barry knockout video below and you will know what I mean. In what the often hyperbolic (but in this case completely accurate) Joe Rogan described as the “most amazing comeback I have ever scene” Kongo regained his composure – sort of – and landed a picture perfect knockout punch that put Barry to sleep.

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Kongo Barry Knockout Video

Start at the 4:30 minute mark on the video.

The YouTube video of Cheick Kongo knocking out Pat Barry in what Joe Rogan described as the “most amazing comeback I have ever seen”.

Back Up: Cheick Kongo Knocking Out Pat Barry – YouTube Video

Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry Knockout Pictures

This is the moment when Barry first rocked Kongo, when everybody thought the fight was over.
Barry Knocks Down Kongo With Right Hook
Here Kongo is on the mat, about to enter desperation mode.
Kongo Trying to Recover from 1st Barry Punch
This is how close Dan Mergliata came to stopping the fight, it was crazy.
Dan Mergliata almost stops Barry Kongo fight

This is the second Barry “knockout punch”, Where Kongo Basically Goes Limp
Kongo Goes Limp after 2nd Barry Punch
Kongo 1st Counter and KO Setup Punch
Kongo 1st Counter and KO Setup Punch
Kongo Barry Knockout Punch (amazing)
Kongo Barry Knockout Punch
This all went down at the free UFC Fight Night card on Versus last night. Although UFC demand and ticket prices are much higher for PPVs, this card was significantly more exciting than the last two PPV cards. Big props to the fighters for coming to fight and not just to win. Hopefully the fighters at UFC 132 this weekend will come with the same intensity.

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