Ticket Demand for Super Bowl Could Go Cold Because of Polar Vortex

Since the day the site for Super Bowl XLVIII was announced, people have been anxious for a snowy Super Bowl like a third grader praying for a snow day at school. Some of those fans are being nostalgic, hoping to catch a glimpse of the modern, high-flying NFL in the classic winter backdrop featured in some of the timeless NFL Films specials. They want to see smash mouth football dictated by the toughest of the tough, willing & able to churn out first downs on the ground because the wind & precipitation ground most passes. Other fans are being cynical, hoping the Super Bowl and it’s multi-million dollar halftime shows & commercial breaks gets crushed by Old Man Winter after rewarding yet another new stadium with the league’s biggest game. Let’s lean more with the nostalgic folks and the other fans just excited to see a new kind of challenge for this season’s best two teams. The Super Bowl is supposed to be fun, and we’re sure the Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos will make it entertaining no matter the forecast.

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There’s nothing like the threat of cold & windy temperatures to drive even the most devoted fan indoors, and the state of the art MetLife Stadium has the kind of suite amenities to turn the old-school Ice Bowl experience into a comfortable, well-stocked room with a view of the big game. Prices for indoor suites are way up as compared to previous Super Bowls. The cheapest suite on SeatGeek right now is $377k; in previous years they started around $225k, so we’re talking about a 67% increase in prices on the seats that were already among the most expensive in the house. The going rate for a Commissioners Club Suite (the best boxes at MetLife, in the middle of the lower level between the 20-yard lines) is $842k, and the most expensive listing is a $1,019,170 suite. If that million-dollar suite were to sell (which is unlikely), it would be the first million-dollar Super Bowl ticket transaction ever!

Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets at MetLife Stadium

NFL Ticket Prices Dropping Like Polar Vortex Temperatures

Based on observations we’ve seen from the Wild Card round matchup between the 49ers and Packers in this year’s NFL Playoffs, a major winter storm could severely crimp the ticket market for the Super Bowl. Packers home tickets have had the 7th most expensive home tickets in the NFL in 2013, yet due to the weekend’s massive snowstorm and cold front, average ticket prices for their matchup with San Francisco at Lambeau Field dropped 55% in a week. Tickets fell from $262 on Sunday, December 29, all the way to $118 on the day of the game. Get-in prices hit rock bottom right around kickoff; you could grab a seat for just $30. Only minutes into the first quarter, seats could be had for as little as $10.

Now, average ticket prices for the Super Bowl can exceed ten times that Packers game figure, so don’t expect to see $10 seats if you’re chilling out in the New Jersey parking lots after the big game’s underway. However, paired with the falling Super Bowl ticket price trend we’ve seen in the last two years, this unique threat of winter weather at the Super Bowl could certainly cause the bottom to drop out of the ticket market. Seattle fans must be disappointed, seeing how this second Super Bowl for the franchise is the second in frigid environments (they were in Super Bowl XL against the Steelers at Detroit’s Ford Field). At least fans at that first matchup could enjoy the game itself in a warmer dome environment. Folks venturing cross country will have to pack or buy some mountain-quality parkas to last all four quarters at The Meadowlands.

Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos vs. Winter Weather

While both of these teams play home games in less than stellar weather conditions, the winter wonderland that could descend upon MetLife Stadium and the New York area is harsher than common winter events at either Sports Authority Field or CenturyLink Field. Peyton Manning’s precise timing attack could be slowed by poor field conditions, wind, and wet footballs resulting from the snow. Although Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode routine should be able to trudge forward regardless of weather, it’s the threat of the big play pass that helps create room for him & quarterback Russell Wilson to break those big runs. Neither squad would be immune from the conditions or hold a distinct advantage over the other squads. It would probably place more power in the hands of both defensive units.

Peyton Manning Challenged by Cold Weather

Seattle Seahawks Make a Champion Despite the Conditions