Ticket Demand for Super Bowl Should Decline Close to Game Day

NFL Conference Championship weekend is behind us, and we’re making the turn down the homestretch toward the climax of an exciting 2013-14 NFL season. For only the second time in the last 20 years, the best teams of the regular season have defended their home field advantage and earned a trip to the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos, led by future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, his full arsenal of receiving threats and an attacking defense, defeated Manning’s nemesis Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to erase the memory of blowing a late lead last season to the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

In the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks won a tough rubber match with their division rival San Francisco 49ers, punctuated by a game-sealing interception initiated by dynamic and outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman. This is the first time since Super Bowl XXV that the top scoring offense and defense from the season will face each other, with Denver and Seattle holding those spots, respectively.

So, the best of the best on each side of the American coin won exciting NFL Conference Championship games, earning their places in a highly-anticipated, unique Super Bowl near the country’s largest city. The market’s going to explode right up until kickoff, right? Well, maybe not. In each of the last two NFL playoffs, we’ve seen Super Bowl ticket prices fall 40-50% in the time between the Conference Championship weekend and the beginning of the big game two weeks later. If you’re not one of the Broncos or Seahawks die-hard fans who have already purchased your seats inside a potential winter wonderland of MetLife Stadium, it’s probably wise to hold your cards for a day or ten.

The initial rush of Super Bowl ticket sales is behind us – around 30% of tickets move in the first three days after the NFC and AFC slots are finalized – so keep an eye out on ticket prices and expect them to go in just one direction: down. Last season, the average ticket price for 49ers-Ravens in New Orleans was $3,445 in the first 24 hours after they won their respective conferences. By game day, the average was only $1,551 per seat – a 55% decline in SB ticket prices.

Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets at MetLife Stadium

In the past, while the Super Bowl final game-day average price has been over $1,500 (far from chump change), the prices have gone into free fall over the final 15 days before the Super Bowl. The anticipation that builds before the NFC & AFC Championship game evaporates a bit once the Super Bowl matchup is set and only negative aspects can factor in from that point forward. Will players get suspended? Is it expected to be a blowout? Given the strength of this year’s pairing – both No. 1 conference seeds qualifying for the first time since Peyton Manning’s last appearance in the big game at Super Bowl XLIV – it looks like the worrisome winter weather is the only real negative hanging over this year’s event.

Daily Average Prices for Super Bowl Tickets – Final 2 Weeks

Super Bowl prices have declined by day for the last two years, and it's likely to happen again this year given the weather.

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